Remember when Pop Secret did the multi-color bags in the 1990s and you had to guess what color of popcorn you would get as it was popping?

I liked the guessing game as a kid. Sometimes I got green popcorn or red popcorn, however my favorite was the blue popcorn. Today, you can’t buy colored popcorn in the main grocery stores. I’m not sure if you can find it in a specialty store either. Today, you have to make popcorn blue  to make it unique on your own using recipes learned from others. When will the blue popcorn make it back to the main shelves?

The Blue Popcorn represents the movies we love. The Blue Popcorn looks different and may even taste different for some of you. It’s still popcorn, yet it is visually and mentally distinctive from the second you open the bag.

We’re going to approach the reviews different. Our features will get into some other topics. We’re going to make this different, unique and it will be good to someone, somewhere for some reason.


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