X-Men Must Reboot After or With ‘Apocalypse’

Fox’s X-Men franchise needs to start fresh because the movie canon makes zero sense and has not made sense for years.


The series underwent serious changes to its continuity over the past five years. This past summer’s X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (spoilers!) centered around a time travel plot that engineered changing well… apparently every previous X-Men films from the original to last year’s THE WOLVERINE.

Each movie following X-MEN ORIGINS began to have a number of inconsistencies against the original trilogy that ran from 2000 to 2006. One example is why Professor X didn’t recognize Wolverine in ORIGINS?

IGN put together an animated infographic to explain and expose the ways the X-Men series doesn’t make sense.

“GO F#&K YOURSELF.” ~ Wolverine.

The movie timeline further goes out of whack after FIRST CLASS happens. We see radical changes such as how X and Magneto meet, included the presence of another White Queen (the girl that can turn her skin to diamond and perform psychic powers) different from the girl in ORIGINS, and then the Wolverine cameo, again how did neither Magneto or Professor X recognize him in the X-Trilogy???!!! Shenanigans! That’s why!

So now possibly a third reboot may happen and I vote yes. The X-Men movies have been flipped, regurgitated, remixed, and boiled so many times I nor anyone knows what end is up anymore. We know it’s all screwed up.


A total ground-up reboot, or I think is what we’re witnessing since FIRST CLASS, helps X-Men in the following ways:


No expanded reason. Sense (and maybe cents too). Make it. Make it all the time.

I mean if FAST & FURIOUS, which came out in 2001 and is about to drop FURIOUS 7 next year, can keep its story straight, why can’t X-Men???

(Via Why X-Men Should Reboot After Apocalypse – IGN Video.)


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