The One Trick Pony named Will Smith

Will Smith is calling it quits…. on making blockbusters.

The news is not a shocker considering “After Earth” (will not be reviewed by me unless someone wants to provide a decent bootleg or shoot me a dollar to its future Redbox rental in a few months) essentially failed to beat “Fast & Furious 6” (which WILL be seen by this guy this week).

This excerpt taken from Huffington Post:

During an “After Earth” interview with Digital Spy, Smith said, “It’s been an absolute necessity that the movie be a blockbuster, but I think I’m going to start moving out of that and finding more danger in my artistic choices.”

I went on a Twitter mini-tirade, follow me @TheErikSays to see more upcoming tirades that I’ll publish here for personal archiving and for your amusement.

After turning down Matrix and Django tho. RT @HuffingtonPost: Will Smith might be done with blockbusters

Eh, to me besides the Sat. night Syfy look of the film, M. Night attached… Smith is/has been a one-trick actor. He’s great at it though.
Not one role comes to mind that was him outside of being Will Smith. Not a single one. But Hollywood hires him to sell tickets first.

I’m not hating on Will Smith [I kind of wonder what my mother-in-law will say since she religiously watches “Independence Day” as much as she watches tennis].  I liked ID4 too, MiB, Bad Boys, Ali, I Robot, Hitch, Seven Pounds and such… the one thing is that Smith plays the hero.  All. the. Time.

This is also the same Fresh Prince that passed on The Matrix and Django Unchained…. *sigh*

He’s always morally upright, or playing an inspirational figure and maybe people are tired of that bit.  He’s an actor.  So act.  Even Denzel had a heel turn (see Training Day, American Gangster or Flight) and so did everyone’s favorite one-note guy Tom Cruise as Tom Cruise (see Collateral or to a lesser extent Interview with the Vampire).

Smith wants danger in his roles?  Be a bad guy and get offed, and have us like that it happens.


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