Why Pro Wrestling is Great

I am a pro wrestling fan and have been since 1997 and it

Why so far back in 16 years?  I was at school and every kid I knew was talking about this guy (above) that beats up his boss, drinks beer, curses and says something to the effect of “Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!”  Man, I hooked by this crude bald white redneck from south Texas.

I was also enamored by the story line of a third generation wrestler (see the two below) that wore “$500 suits, $600 Gucci shoes” liked shining things, turning it sideways and sticking it up people’s asses (weird fetish) however today he was in four Super Bowl commercials, in about six major movie releases this year, and eats seven times a day.Two years ago, one guy (below) said to the world he’d win the WWE Championship and then leave the company with the title… and then he did.

Still with me?  Good.

OK, interesting characters and I noticed something:
–Punches weren’t like when Mike Tyson slugged a guy, or in today’s era nobody got laid out like Manny Pacquiao…
–Kicks weren’t liable to break a jaw as Anderson Silva does it…
–Tackles into these tables, steel cages and through fire (yeah that happened) weren’t the same as when Ray Lewis drilled a guy on the gridiron…

It was stylized.  It was scripted and above all else, it was entertaining.  Many people know of Hulk Hogan, some remember ECW, a few know about Goldberg and the New World Order, and some people would recognize this guy here:

My wife asked me why I watch pro wrestling and the answer is simple.  Pro wrestling to me is the best aspects of sports because it actively throws out professionalism and injects raw personality to the players involved and investment to the contests simulated to get the best experience from it.  It’s not often you see near-even matched opponents or even an extremely disadvantaged athlete triumph over all odds.

For example in real sports, consider looking at the possibility of the Sacramento Kings beating the Miami Heat this year in a best of seven series in the NBA Finals.  Can’t take it seriously? (Kings are not in the top 8 of the west conference). Yeah me either.  In pro wrestling, the Kings have a shot to at the very least look good against the best, even in a loss, and maybe really set things on fire if they pull out the gutsiest win and deliver the biggest upset in this modern era of basketball history.  Imagine the headlines there.

So what’s the point?

The point is that pro wrestling to me is the entertaining aspects that I want in real sports however professionalism comes into play and you get sideways comments regarding a win or a loss.  I would like see Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan to completely disrespect and verbally lay into rival New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees as a person and an athlete in a public press conference, but that will never happen.

The UFC teeters the brink of this balance between making issues known between two fighters and they fight it out in a legitimate contest… sometimes it lasts 10 seconds or a full five rounds.  In pro wrestling, you on average get 15 minutes of back and forth action.  Sometimes we’d get 30 minutes if its good and select times an hour of wrestling.

Is it fake?

Desperate Housewives.  Modern Family.  Game of Thrones.  Dexter.  Those could be considered fake but they’re well respected TV shows with scripted stories and outcomes.  So is pro wrestling.  The ending is planned.  What happens on the way to that ending?  Not so much.. and yeah, shit happens…really badly sometimes too.

People have broken noses, arms, jaws, necks, been paralyzed from the chin down, and even died from the rigors of the ring (with a combination of hard living)… not too different from NFL players suffering concussions leading to a number of health issues.  Wrestlers are actors, stuntmen, and athletes all rolled in one.  When it happens, its them and it hurts.  If you feel its fake, let me hit in the back with a steel chair.

Actually, that 3rd generation star?  Watch this short clip of him hitting a guy with a steel chair.  Would you let someone do that to you if it were fake?

I’m not trying to convince you to watch.  WWE founder and chair Vince McMahon (to his credit he has been beaten with a chair, steel steps, soaked in beer, poop, bloodied, broken, kicked in the nuts, shaved bald on a pay-per-view event, and um…. had a match of the year if that means anything to you) said this,

To those who believe in the beauty of professional wrestling, nothing needs to be said. For those who don’t appreciate wrestling, nothing could be said to change their minds.

~ Vincent K. McMahon

So I won’t persuade you to do nothing except look at it differently and try not to judge the next person that tells you “I watch Monday Night Raw.”

Here’s a video I found to enhance my points here by screenwriter of “Chronicle,” Max Landis.  Great view and its short (four minutes). 

Take care.


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