Media Throwing Brothers Under The Bus?

This was posted in a Facebook group today and below is my response to the picture.

I wouldn’t say the media is deliberately throwing men under the bus because having seen two of those movies on the left of the graphic (“Diary of a Mad Black Woman” and “Waiting to Exhale”), the women all want love (typically from a man) and some get it and some do not. They are female targeted, hell even “The Brothers” was more for the women than men.

An issue/reasoning lies in several things: the target audience is one that goes and pays to see movies and movies are made to appeal to the most people possible (mostly unless its an indie film sometimes). 

For the TV shows on the right side of the graphic, I would think black men are again not the target audience because they are not watching shows. In a overgeneralized sense, men likely watch the news and sports — shows of fiction or reality may not appeal to them in mass. Black women are a different story, they will watch many more shows and programming, I think (could be wrong), and at different times of the day, which is why many shows and movies especially with a high black audience popularity would be slanted to attract and keep women.

So the “mission to separate the black family … promot[e] drama, chaos, and dysfunction…” just may be good devices of entertainment to women.


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