HIT AND RUN just runs and misses everything

Whoever said this movie was as funny as “The Hangover” must have misspoken because the comparisons between the two films are nonexistent.

I gave this movie a chance in order to see the proceeding movie at Atlanta’s Starlight Drive In.  At the moment it started, the dialogue did not lend to me thinking the movie was as funny as the trailers implied.  Then when something did happen, it was funny for about ten seconds and then it was forgettable.  So this was not a good comedy.

Next the story is about a guy who lies to his teacher girlfriend about what he did in his past regarding why he is in witness protection (he got that far at least) and now returns to Los Angeles to live with her outside of the protection program and thanks to a stalker-ish moocher of an ex-boyfriend, the couple are chased down by the guy’s former crew… That’s as far as I could gather.  I fell asleep during the movie and missed all of the second act.  Guess it wasn’t a good action-type crime movie either then, which is doubly disappointing.

I was told that nothing happened worth mentioning.  I remember something random about a hillbilly stealing a custom supercharged engine from a large body car with a large trunk…that’s it.  Oh and there are naked old people too, like full frontal nudity and all.

The movie didn’t hold my attention – which is typically generous.  Dialogue was random and bad with no real flow and the story never seemed to go in a direction to a goal or a conclusion that is worth chasing.  The characters make willingly stupid decisions and even in comedies, some of these are inexcusable for the sake of logic.  They are also not interesting at all…even Bradley Cooper was a piece of crap in this film which surprised me.  I am pro-bend the rules but come on.

But the rest could be forgiven if the movie wasn’t such a big, fat BORE.

[0 STARS!]


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