TRON LEGACY looks great and sounds incredible, but not much cake with the icing

The Redbox saga continues with rental of the digital epic sequel and in some respects, a remake, to the 1982 original special effects showcase with some mixed results.  Great look and sound and that’s about it.

Sam Flynn, the son of the original film’s hero, is a vagrant while pirating his father’s company ENCOM which has grown to be as large as a Microsoft or Apple since the events of the first film. The Flynn senior has made return trips to Tron however left and never returned for over 20 years.
One day, his father’s friend, Alan, informs him of a message from the office lab that houses the entry point to the world of TRON… well you can guess what happens from there. It’s a world like ours if outfitted by a techie’s worst nightmares.

What bounces at me most was the production design that updates the look of the original while still making it feel as if the Tron system was designed in the ’80s. Secondly, Daft Punk’s music score is top notch overall but sometimes drags down the quiet moments.  I liked this movie for the most part however some parts seemed to drag when the action was not happening. Pacing could be a lot tighter which would require better scenes to keep your attention. When the action hits it really goes into high gear and is very brutal and violent even by PG rating or Disney standards. I liked the light cycle scenes a lot and some of the fighting styles were very well done.

The acting is populated by great actors headed by Jeff Bridges playing a God and Satan caricatured versions of the senior Flynn and his digital rogue CLU. Bridges was de-aged in order to play CLU by special effects which was convincing in some shots and apparent in others but it works. The same method is used for cameos of the program character Tron. The acting though comes across a little flat which takes away the energy from the quiet scenes. It made this two hour film feel like two and a half, when it didn’t need to be one.  To that fault, the story is straightforward enough but it does not feel like it had a lot of life behind it.  No big surprises or thought provoking twists, which is disappointing considering how the film ends.

Is it worth a look? Sure. Buy? If you’re really into it. I am on the fence. Maybe some days I would watch and others I’d pass. It’s not must see but the soundtrack is very good, and that’s for another review.

Final answer: 


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