Home or the Movies?

I just heard Redbox will raise their rental per day rate by 20 cents. It’s not enough to turn off casual customers but habitual users will see a difference. Blockbuster tweeted that their rental rates at their kiosks will stay at 99 cents. 

At the rate of movies going to theater in, for example, March and out on DVD or Blu-ray by September, and providing that 3D is available in home (which I must say is comparative to the theatre experience), it makes the pool of which movies to see in theater that much smaller.

I have only been to the regular movies about not even five times, notably to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 and Transformers: Dark of the Moon, both in 3D mainly. Other moviesI caught at a Atlanta’s only drive in to catch two movies for two people at a price LESS than going to the theater for one person.

As a writer, I wonder if writing for big theater flicks is the way to go.  Times are tough and $15 a person is becoming a luxury rather than just something to do on the weekends compared to $3 that same night for three movies you may only watch once.  Hmm.

Seems like a logical financial choice… then again if you watch your movies at home with popcorn, wings, soda, random candy treats like I do on a HDTV in the dark or dim lighting…for under $20 that night… then the choice gets even better!

I would still go to the movies for certain movies, usually big event flicks like 2012’s Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises.  Anything else will take a test of measuring scales.


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