WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO has too much drama, executes well enough

Sequels can be hit or miss.

I like that they can add more of what made the first part good and I love it if it presents new ideas to expand on the first one. I don’t terribly like getting much of the first part in excess or a rehash beefed by steroids and meth. What this sequel by Tyler Perry, WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO, offered something in between for an undeniably exhausting movie.

So part 2 picks up some time later after the Colorado outing of part 1 to place them in the Bahamas on another couples retreat. Now the locale change doesn’t do anything except provide scenery change. The issues are not the same, but bigger and somewhat irredeemable, especially considering what happened in the first film. That’s what the movie is about basically. Four married couples navigate the treacherous issues that dare to break them apart. Some will succeed and one will fall.

I haven’t been this exhausted from a movie since watching “The Dark Knight,” and I say that not in terms of quality comparison but by the volume and frequency of events that top each other, one after another.

The movie assaults you with a number of marital issues that will probably have some impressionable singles wondering why should they get married and have the married folks wondering why the characters got married anyway. As I think back, I don’t think the first film quite established why the characters are with each other, besides the fact that they are so. I guess I want to know why these people love each other among the heap of trouble they find themselves in.

Everyone plays their same part to one degree or another but I was enticed and enthralled by the standout of Tasha Smith, again, who steals the show by playing up all parts as animated as she can. She plays that one friend who is over the top but incredibly believable. Also noteworthy for two reasons is a disturbing domestic fight/dispute. One, it was damned chilling and disturbing to watch, and second, it felt a bit random…maybe there was a brief bit I missed that foreshadowed this scene but still, it felt random, though it is a standout scene.

Notice I didn’t speak much on the plot… well there isn’t ONE plot per se. The movie is an amalgamation/examination of four couples’ plights with infidelity, distrust, underhanded tactics, putting up fronts, physical abuse, alcohol abuse, and yeah… a lot going on to where I guess the plot becomes moot at one point and you’re watching a gossip reel in action. That is not to say watching these events unfold isn’t wildly entertaining. Perry knows his audience, which is up for another type of discussion, and knows what will bring in audience and keep them talking. That includes the ending.

The conclusion really comes out of left field and it just neatly wraps up everything in one literal push and phrase to “Just fix it!” That and another part caused unintentional comedy for audience and I. It was just more creamed corn and Colby cheese than you can handle. It was a bit much for my tastes. I also felt the movie can’t stand without part 1, yet opens doors for part 3, leaving it with middle child syndrome of most trilogies (Back to the Future pt. II or Lord of the Rings: Two Towers).

Overall, it is not a superior sequel to the first Married, yet pushes past it in terms of overall entertainment but falters by blowing what made the first one out of proportion and then rushing to the finale. So it’s a hit in some areas by doing more and a miss in others…by doing more and too much and wearing me out.

Final answer: 

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