My First Writing Put to Production

A few weeks ago I attended a meet-up here in the city. Upon entering, I branded my shirt with a sticker name tag that read:


So next I walk around because at this meetup, it was the site for the 48 hour Film competition. Essentially a team must assemble a crew of actors, directors, writers, editors, sound mixers, etc. and then write, rehearse, shoot, edit and finalize the film within….. *drum roll* 48 HOURS!!!

I stood around looking awkward as hell while knocking back soda and chips, waiting on my contact person to arrive. A woman approached me about working on her team….. nervous, I said “Sure.” I’d be the only writer on that team, or at least the lead writer. She said she would contact me within the week.

Minutes later after a gauntlet of awkward conversations blatantly exposing how green I was to all things entertainment, my contact, Darryl, finally arrived. I was surprised that he was about my height of all things. I met all of his associates and established a good rapport so far with exchanging ideas and well just getting my feet wet amongst people whom are as creative with their ideas as I was… felt pretty damn good if you ask me.


It’s time to get notified about the projects….. however I find out I got DROPPED from my team…. lack of contact. However I was supposed to get contacted by the team lead, but whatever, I had to do something. I jumped onto Darryl’s team shortly thereafter via contacting the team lead from SoulStory and started writing on a Friday night at 8 PM. I had to follow a set of rules, including but not limited to:

  • Use of character name Alan Knight
  • Incorporate art supplies
  • Work in a holiday.

THREE HOURS LATER, I finish about 8-9 pages of text using Celtx screenwriting software (which is the ish to me, I don’t care what anyone says unless they signing checks!). I loaded up on pizza and Kool-Aid while watching WWE Smackdown and writing this piece.

I tell you now it is hard work doing an on the spot inception of idea and concept, then writing it out into a coherent short story. No short task I tell ya. I can only imagine how the shooting hours and the post production work went.

I got a call finding out that my script, and a few other writers’ ideas were amalgamated (I love using complex words) into a new story all together, and I will still recieve writing credit on the film, which is called “Return to Love.”

I’ve embedded the video in the blog site (so you email subscribers need to visit the site to watch this, likely…. and maybe the RSS feeders too… eh just visit, we broke 700 hits this week!)

So sit back and enjoy the film….. RETURN TO LOVE…


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